There’s no getting away from it, life can be full of challenging situations.

But even though they test us at the the time, hurdles in whatever form they take provide valuable lessons on how to act our best when the chips are down.

With the right thinking, challenges can be seen as tests along the road towards our eventual success.

Here are five simple rules to stay positive in negative situations.


1. Accept the situation for what it is and try to find a solution

If you’ve made a mistake, make the effort to accept it and commit to taking the necessary steps to sort it out.

Life changes all the time, sometimes for good and other times less so.

The best bet is to realise the change has happened and get on with moulding the situation the best way you can.


2. Take on an attitude of gratitude

Most people actively run away from difficult situations.

By taking on an attitude of gratitude for difficult situations, you start to welcome challenges into your life.

You’ll be well ahead of the game if you don’t avoid a chance to grow, wherever it may arise.


3. Train your mind to see the bigger picture

When you treat every negative situation as a potential lesson, you gradually get into the habit of replacing negative thoughts with a positive ones.

Change your thinking and you change your actions that flow from them.





4. Spend time with positive people

Often, you can’t dodge a difficult situation.

But you can control your reaction to it and it helps to have positive people around.

Once positivity fills your mind, it takes a lot to think negative thoughts.

And if you want to stay positive, try to avoid negative people at all costs.


5. Exercise, exercise, exercise

It’s very difficult to feel down when your body is riding an endorphin high.

And it helps to un-clutter the mind – you’ll often feel better about situations or have a solution pop into your head.

Try running, swimming, yoga, meditation or walking – whatever takes you out of yourself for a short time.

Make exercise a regular habit and you’re giving yourself a fantastic resource whatever comes your way.



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5 simple rules to stay positive in negative situations

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