Hygge (we say hoo-gih!) is the Danish idea of embracing feelings of homeliness – consciously creating a cosy environment in which happiness and well-being can flourish. It’s all about recognising the simple things that make you happy and sharing them with others – everyone say, ‘Aaaaaaahh’.

Here are our top 5 tips for getting more hygge into your life…

1. Spend time with your favourite people, together

We all know having a good time with people we love makes us happy. So how about collecting them all together in one room, and multiplying the happiness? We know – genius, right? Your favourite people, joking, laughing eating and drinking – get your hygge on.


2. Think roaring log fires, candles or just dim the lights

We’re hard-wired to take comfort from the presence of a roaring fire, and what better way to feel cosy than wrapping up warm around dancing flames? But unscented candles can work almost as well, creating a warm atmosphere all can enjoy – even dimming the lights can bring cosiness to the coldest of spaces. Do what you can to set up a sense of togetherness – promoting easy relaxation is standard.


3. Keep the comfort food coming

Keep the food simple – think warming substantial soups and crusty bread; the aroma of a freshly-baked loaf wafting through the house is maximum hygge. And getting friends and family to contribute to an impromptu feast craftily gets everyone involved in creating the perfect hygge.


4. Bring the outside inside

Danes are big on bringing the outdoors inside: picture wooden floors, big oak tables and branches ready to be thrown on an open fire. But if you haven’t got that in your flat, you need to get creative – maybe pictures of countryside scenes, sounds of nature in the background, or even flowers in your hair. Remember, it’s all for fun.


5. Pick up a book, put down that smartphone

Hygge is an antidote to the hustle and bustle of modern life. And it’s difficult to feel at one with your surroundings when you’re constantly staring down at a small screen. So put your phone on lock-down and enjoy the new mindspace. Instead, enjoy that book smell and share your favourite passages with others. It’s surprising how intimate it is to press pause and operate at a different pace for a short time. Congratulations, you have just brought hygge into your life.



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How to get more Hygge into your Life

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How to get more Hygge into your Life

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