Minimalism sounds easy, but it wouldn’t be a ‘thing’ if it was so straightforward, would it?

That’s because every item you keep has some emotional attachment to you.

But rest assured, with our help you CAN make it easy on yourself.

Because minimalism is really about having more – more space to do the things you’re passionate about, be with the people you value and live in the moment.

So follow our top five tips to declutter your life and begin your journey as a minimalist.


1. Start small and set up a virtuous circle

Start out by taking tiny steps in the right direction and the rest will snowball.

Find a couple of things you want to ditch and follow through.

In doing so, you’re setting up a virtuous circle – you’re gaining in confidence and you’ll be much more likely to tackle bigger targets.

Which means the decluttering process gets easier and easier as time goes on.


2. Ask of each item: does it item bring me joy and will keeping it make my life easier?

When you decide what’s important, the decision of what to keep becomes a simple one.

So ask yourself of each item: does it bring me joy and will keeping it make my life easier?

If an item no longer makes you feel happy, or you feel it’s holding you back, wouldn’t it be best to let it go?

Your future self will thank you.


3. Be the one who actually does it

Lots of people talk the talk about decluttering and getting rid of their stuff, but few people get on and do it. It takes drive.

So be that person who skips free from mental baggage, an example to all, living with less clutter – physical, mental and emotional.


4. If you get stuck, change it up

There could be stuff you struggle with – which is natural; some things matter more than others.

But don’t get stuck on one item and stare at it for ages, switch to something else.

Your goal is to reduce your stuff – plural.

Keep up the momentum and change your focus to easier items at first.

In time, you’ll get used to the process and be ready to use your new-found confidence to tackle bigger items.


5. Keep the process fun

Getting rid of your stuff doesn’t have to be a serious affair.

Think how fun it will be to see again your belongings from yesteryear.

With minimalism, you’re respecting your past but choosing what to take with you on your journey.

Just get started and treat the process as a game. Have easily attainable targets and you’ll keep going.

Make it fun and you’re half-way there.


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