We’ve all seen them, those super-successful people who get up a 4.30am, work out before breakfast and rush out the door to run an internationally renowned business, before returning home for dinner with their beautiful family. But everyone has to start somewhere.

What if there were seven simple habits of these amazing unicorns we could easily apply to our own life?

The good news is, there are:


  1. They have a morning routine
  2. They know the importance of a positive first impression
  3. They look for small victories in whatever they do
  4. They’re honest with themselves
  5. They promote a positive body language at all times
  6. They’re not all or nothing
  7. They adopt an attitude of gratitude


Simple Successful Habit #1:They have a morning routine

The great thing about mornings is that they’re a readymade habit themselves waiting to happen; most of us have to get up in the morning, which means they can be a site for a quick win if you think ahead.

Do simple things to take charge of your morning; make your bed, do some form of exercise, write in your journal the top three priorities of your day, read and reflect for 10 minutes.

Remember that time is on your side: willpower is at its highest in the morning. So reset your morning routine as a chance to set the tone for the rest of the day.


Simple Successful Habit #2:They know the importance of a positive first impression

Research shows most people make their mind up on you inside the first seven seconds of meeting you.

They then spend the rest of the conversation justifying in their own mind their initial reaction, good or bad.

This is known as cognitive dissonance; in simple terms, it’s much more comfortable to maintain your view of someone as compared with changing your mind.

Once you know how vital first impressions are, you can make the effort to consistently get them right.

So smile, walk tall and maintain an open body language (see below).


Simple Successful Habit #3:They look for small victories in whatever they do

Successful people typically like to challenge themselves, even when their efforts bring only small victories.

Neuroscientists tell us that these small successes help increase the influence of testosterone, the hormone that increases your confidence in taking on future challenges.

Which means setting up small wins creates a virtuous circle you can use to build momentum and tackle whatever’s holding you back.



Simple Successful Habit #4:They’re honest with themselves

Super-successful people know honesty is the best policy in the long run.

Being truthful with yourself enables genuine connections to grow with others; a connection that is based on honesty has strong foundations.

Ultimately, lying takes too much effort in the end, squandering valuable mental resources that could be devoted to self-improvement, working hard and showcasing your talents to the world.


Simple Successful Habit #5:They promote a positive body language at all times

A positive body language draws people to you and helps to keep them interested.

So take the effort to pull your shoulders back and walk tall, with a confident stride at all times.

Good posture, a solid handshake and an open smile ensures your first impression is always a good one.

Using an enthusiastic tone, uncross your arms, maintain eye contact and subtlely lean forward toward whoever’s speaking.

At first it’ll seem strange, but over time it’ll become more natural, a vital part of the new, successful you.


Simple Successful Habit #6:They’re not all or nothing

If you’re anything like us, we’re either on a massive health kick or on a donut run. Some people seem to be wired with a do-or-die mentality, rushing back and forth from each extreme in a heartbeat. But the problem with making big changes is that if you’re waiting for a motivation to match the size of your ambition, you may be waiting a long time to act. Better to make small, iterative changes, log them in your journal and let the wins build.



Simple Successful Habit #7:They adopt an attitude of gratitude

Successful people know it takes ambition, passion, hard work and talent to get where they are. Nevertheless, they’re also aware of the role that mentors, colleagues, family and friends all play in their achievements. Adopting an attitude of gratitude means they know how important it is to sometimes slow down and reflect upon everything they already have. At root, they know a lot of their success comes from their ability to keep humble and appreciate their good fortune so far.





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7 Simple Habits of the Super Successful

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7 Simple Habits of the Super Successful

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